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Dentanor 2019


Dentanor is a platform much like KRY but for dental services. It provides an online link for immediate help, holds dental records, links patients and dentists and improve your and your family’s health. The online business for health is booming in all areas which are proven by companies like Kry, Nätdoktorn and others. There is a lot of money to be made in the area.

We live longer, and health services are needed for extended periods. With downsizing the healthcare and increase of the demand new players and ideas need to get on to the market. The demand to access care wherever you are and when you need is becoming more and more apparent with all services going online. The demand is scalable as dental health is something everybody needs, and the service looks the same over the world.

Very few likes going to the dentist, so you can ask yourself that if there was a way to pay SEK 300 for a 10 min video call to show that you did not have to go, would you not take it? I would. The benefits for the general health and the reduced costs for better dental care is proven and should be considered in the long run when approaching the governments to be a part.

The reductions in costs (health benefits) and service provided to the public is in the state interest and will be a next step for being state and government approved as a partner. The product has the general public in mind, as well as the dentists and taxpayers’ money. This will save a lot of money for the taxpayers. Development and setting up costs are low, and once up and running the product will be able to scale and running costs will only be growing with the demand.


The Team

Nor Gradin



Marianne Stenborg